The 40 by 40 Project is written by Angie Teater, a New York-based interior designer & travel writer. The Project begins on Angie's 39th birthday (March 11, 2017) with only 365 days to accomplish everything on the list before turning big Four-Oh! 

Forty goals. One year. Endless possibilities.

#27: Write 40 Letters

#27: Write 40 Letters

I tend to stay in touch like everyone else: calls, texts, emails, Facebook, and random GIFs sent to people to let them know I’m thinking of them. And we all know a well-placed meme goes a long way! But coming up on my 40th Birthday, I really wanted to be a bit more old fashioned and sentimental. Writing a letter – in my own handwriting (who does that??) - seemed perfect. And in the process, I learned why the old-school form of communication still means so much.

I chose 40 people that represent the many chapters in life: old friends, new friends, family members, and people who have impacted my life in some sort of random way. I collected their addresses (harder than it seemed!) and set out to tell each person how I feel about them. Putting pen to paper (rather than shooting off an email) really causes you to stop and THINK about each person. Every pen stroke means something. Memories came flooding back. Admiration came roaring in. And I realized how much our lives are influenced by those we let into it. 


That said, it wasn’t quite the idyllic “Hallmark commercial” experience. I had to use White-out several times.

I had to google how to spell words. (hanging my head in shame)

I put about 8 mailing labels on upside down – then corrected them with NEW labels, creating a “layer of labels” that defies all sense of perfectionism.

I accidentally got a piece of cheese right in the middle of one of them (lucky is the friend who gets the cheese-stained letter)  Nom-nom

I narrowly avoided a coffee disaster. 

I mailed one letter BEFORE I found out a certain friend was pregnant, so now she’ll get a letter with zero mention of her big news. (sorry!)

And when I sealed them all up and prepared to mail them, I suddenly realized NONE of them had dates on them. Which means that when we’re all old and shriveling up, nobody will know when I wrote that damn card. Sigh.

Oh well. It’s the thought that counts! And hopefully, my vintage method of sending love into the world will make someone smile.

And if it doesn’t…I have a treasure trove of GIFS that will!!

#38: Whiskey Tasting

#38: Whiskey Tasting

#12: NYC Food Tour

#12: NYC Food Tour